DIY Video Series

We’ve been working away in the background at getting some great videos pulled together for you.
In our DIY Video Series, we visit farms all over the state and look at different projects they have tackled to make some of the costs a little easier on their wallets and more sustainable for their farms.  Each topic is capped off with a conversation with an expert about best practices if you want to conquer some of these DIY tasks yourself.
To see the videos you can visit a playlist we created here:  or you can see all of our Solid Ground videos here:
We have videos on Coolbots:
      Keney Park Sustainability Project
      Fox Meadow Farm
      Off Center Farm
      Four Root Farm
      UVM Extension
Season Extension Structures:
      Daigle Farm
      River Crest Farm
      Cloverleigh Farm
      CT Greenhouse Company
and Humane Animal Handling:
      Allard Family Farm
      Arbor Farm
      West View Farm
      Howling Flats Farm
      UConn Extension
If you are working on one of these projects, take a peak and find out how other farms in the state are putting their projects together and making their farms work!  If you’re not, take a look anyways, perhaps it will give you some new ideas for these slightly slower winter days.
Again, you can check all the DIY Videos out here: