Connecticut Saves Week

Connecticut Saves Week is February 27th through March 3rd, 2023! Each day includes a financial theme that Connecticut Saves will be promoting alongside America Saves.

Monday, February 27: Saving Automatically,

Tuesday, February 28: Saving for the Unexpected,

Wednesday, March 1: Saving for Major Milestones,

Thursday, March 2: Paying Down Debt is Saving

Friday, March 3: Saving at Any Age.

Work towards being a more financially sound version of yourself! The overall goal of Connecticut Saves Week is to encourage people to take sound financial actions that will help them reach their goals. Visit Connecticut Saves on Tuesday, February 28, 10 AM -1 PM on the concourse at the Legislative Office Building for the Financial Education Expo hosted by the Connecticut Department of Banking.

On your journey to a better financial status, be aware that there are different methods and tools you can use to help you manage your money well. What works for one person may not work for you as your situation and what motivates you may be different. For example, have you used a spending plan (or budget)? Some people find using a spreadsheet helpful. Others like using an app. Based on what you know about yourself, how can you set yourself up for financial success?

A central part of financial literacy is pursuing the information you need to make wise decisions. Look at the intentions of authors that post specific tactics and methods to reach your financial goals. Financial information is widely available and much of it is for free. Make sure that the information you use is high quality and without bias toward specific products or services. Check out the library for personal finance books you can borrow.

America Saves will promote numerous free videos, articles, and resources to supplement each daily theme during America Saves Week. Each theme revolves around saving as the foundation for a more financially stable life. Setting up an automatic savings account can be a great way to motivate yourself to work towards your goals without putting in physical effort each month. A great way to encourage yourself to save is to take the Connecticut Saves Pledge. Located on the Connecticut Saves Website, it can take close to 5 minutes to sign yourself up. You can identify a goal, make a savings plan, and take the pledge to hold yourself accountable.

Once you’ve identified your goal, it is easier to save when you have something in mind to reach for. It can be a practical goal like a retirement fund or a social goal, like a concert. Saving isn’t limited to young adults and can help anyone achieve any financial goal. It is always important to remember that financial stability is not a linear journey. Financial setbacks happen. If you have set aside money for emergency savings, those funds can help you weather financial challenges more easily. Determining what your goals and priorities are now will help you begin to work on a plan for your financial future.