Celebrating George Washington Carver

Black background with green yellow and red stripes, the title "black history" and the words "black history month 2023: faith"George Washington Carver infographic

As the first African American who attended Iowa State University, George Washington Carver earned both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. An expert in plant research and development, Dr. Carver was recruited to Tuskegee Institute in Alabama, by the Black Educator, Booker T. Washington. Some of Dr. Carver’s accomplishments include:

👉🏾Taught black farmers how to rotate plants for healthy soils and better crops

👉🏾Invented the “Jessup Wagon”, a traveling demonstration wagon to teach farmers

👉🏾Developed over 300 products from peanuts and over 100 for sweet potatoes

👉🏾Wrote over 40 simple language bulletins, including advice and recipes



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📷Credit: George Washington Carver (cpnas.org)

Feb/2023 Written and created by: U. R. Taylor, MS, RDN, CDN  and Lindsey Brush

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