seafood safety

Seafood Prepping Tips

Enjoy the healthful benefits of seafood, at least two meals a week. 1. Keep seafood cold* between store and home. Store immediately in refrigerator. 2. Use fresh fish within 1-2 days or wrap tightly and freeze immediately. 3. Thaw seafood overnight under refrigeration. 4. Keep raw seafood separate from cooked/ready-to-eat foods. Prevent raw/thawing seafood from dripping on other foods. 5. Refrigerate […]

New Group of Students Trained in Seafood Safety

Before a bowl of clam chowder or a freshly grilled swordfish steak ends up on a restaurant diner’s plate, specially trained seafood handlers will have been working to eliminate any risk of contamination or hazards that could cause illness. Many of those handlers will have learned their skills in training offered by Connecticut Sea Grant, including a three-day course held in […]