nutrient management

Multi-Faceted Approach to Nitrogen Management

We have a multi-faceted approach to nitrogen management in Connecticut that addresses land use issues, agricultural production, and water quality.  Extension faculty from the Center for Land Use Education and Research (CLEAR) are working on several applied research projects in support of better nitrogen (N) management. They are collaborating with the University of Rhode Island […]

Nutrient Management in Canaan

Nutrient Management on farms is a balancing act between how much manure needs to be spread and how many nutrients crop fields need. We work with dairy farmers throughout the state to address the challenge of managing nutrient distribution on their fields through research and outreach, innovative technology, and by fostering collaborative partnerships. The Canaan […]

Conservation Planning

Excess fertilizer use and inefficient nutrient management strategies often are causes of water quality impairment in the United States. When excess nitrogen enters large water bodies it enhances algae growth and when that algae decomposes, hypoxic conditions—often called a “dead zone” occur. Nutrients carried to the Long Island Sound have been linked to the seasonal […]

Nutrient Management Planning

Article by Richard Meinert In the simplest form a Nutrient Management Plan is an inventory of the nutrients produced on the farm or needed by crops that are, or will be, produced, and a list of planned applications needed to distribute those nutrients to individual crop fields to support the growth of the desired crop, […]

Greenhouse Nutrient Management

Have your registered yet for the Practical Applications in Greenhouse Nutrient Management Program that will be held on  Tuesday, Sept 27 at the CT Ag Experiment Station in New Haven ?                  Don’t miss this opportunity to:  Update your ever needed skills on nutrient management Obtain 4.75 pesticide recertification credits  Learn from leading experts in the field and […]

Sugaring Manure

  Connecticut has more manure nutrients than we need for our crops. UConn Extension Educator Rich Meinert and two summer interns spent Friday “sugaring” manure. Just like maple growers sugar sap by boiling away the water we will be sugaring liquid dairy manure from a screw press separator to remove the water so that we […]