Warm December Weather May Spell Trouble for Plants

By Dawn Pettinelli, UConn Home & Garden Education Center   Usually this time of year the UConn Home & Garden Education Center is flooded with calls about the care of holiday plants. Not so this year. Instead many of the calls have been about the unusual plant behavior Connecticut residents are noticing in their gardens […]

10 Tips for the November Gardener

Drain hoses and sprayers before cold weather sets in to prevent them from freezing and bursting. Wait to spread winter mulch until after the ground has frozen. Mulching beforehand can delay dormancy and makes a good home for voles. Do not store apples or pears with vegetables. The fruits give off ethylene gas which speeds […]

Late Blight Now in CT

Article and update by Joan Allen for UConn Extension. Tomato and potato growers and gardeners: Protect your crops NOW from late blight infection. The disease has been reported in Litchfield County, Connecticut on July 18, 2015. With moist weather conditions the pathogen, Phytophthora infestans, will sporulate prolifically and spread rapidly on wind currents. Fungicide products can […]

10 Tips for the June Gardener

Control and reduce aphid numbers on vegetables, roses, perennial flowers, shrubs and trees with a hard spray from your garden hose or two applications of insecticidal soap. Plant seeds of bush beans every three weeks for a continuous harvest. Heavy rains encourage slug problems. Check for slugs during rainy periods and hand pick the pests. […]

Grow a Safe Salad

By: Diane Wright Hirsch, MPH, RD UConn Extension Educator – Food Safety Year round farmers markets are already selling early spring greens to those of us who have been craving the fresh, locally grown stuff during the long winter months. The use of greenhouses, cold frames and hoop houses and other season-extending contraptions make it possible for […]

10 Tips for the December Gardener

1.      Replace the plants in hanging baskets, containers, and window boxes with evergreen boughs, berries and pinecones. 2.      Disinfect, oil, and sharpen lawn and garden tools. Keep them in a dry storage area. 3.      Don’t use fertilizer to melt ice. This creates nitrogen runoff issues that could damage local bodies of water. 4.         Recycle your […]

Bountiful Harvests

By Dawn Pettinelli for UConn Extension Community Gardeners Reap Bountiful Harvests While Average American Family Tosses 25% of Food Purchases Each Year! A couple of weeks ago, the Connecticut Community Gardening Association partnering with the community garden at Manchester Community College held a Summer Celebration of the gardens, the dedicated gardeners, their bounty, composting efforts and […]

10 Tips for the September Gardener

1.      Get a jump on next year’s lawn and gardens by having a soil test done through the UConn Soil Nutrient Analysis Laboratory.   2.      If the pH of garden and flower beds needs to raised, wood ashes may be used. Wood ashes have a pH of 11.0 and also contain phosphorous, potassium, and calcium. […]

Windham County 4-H Summer Science Mini-Camps

By Marc Cournoyer                 UConn Extension’s Windham County 4-H program continues to provide young people with an opportunity to explore the world of STEM education through hands-on minicamp programs taking place at various locations throughout Windham County.  In 2013 we are focusing on three distinct programs; Junk Drawer Robotics, STEM Gardens and video production with special effects.  […]

Ten Tips for the July Gardener

Ten Tips for the July Gardener: Inspect garden plants regularly for insect and disease problems. Sanitation practices, insecticidal soaps, and insect traps are alternatives to pesticides. Properly placed shade trees will reduce air conditioning costs. Try shade tolerant ground covers in areas where lack of sunlight limits grass growth. Yellow leaves of cucurbits and tomatoes […]

10 Tips for the May Gardener

UConn Extension’s Home and Garden Center offers you more tips to grow on: Ten Tips for the May Gardener: 1. If you want to get a head start on the season, plant container gardens and be ready to bring them indoors on cold nights. 2. When transplanting annuals and vegetables, be gentle with the root […]

10 Tips for the April Gardener

UConn Extension’s Home and Garden Center has a lot of knowledge to grow on. Ten Tips for the April Gardener: 1. Prune back bedraggled looking ground covers and fertilize lightly after April 15. 2. Check fruit trees for tent caterpillars, they emerge around the same time leaves sprout. Blast nests with a strong spray of […]

Proper Planting of Strawberries

Good afternoon, Proper planting of strawberries should include making sure the root system is not curled or ‘J’ planted. A study conducted in California showed an 18.5% reduction in fresh fruit yield with ‘J’ planted strawberries versus those planted correctly. In the diagram (from OSU Extension), plant A is correct with the crown at the […]

4-H Education Center at Auerfarm

The 124-acre 4-H Education Center at Auerfarm is located in the northwest section of Bloomfield, Connecticut.  Hartford entrepreneur and retailer Beatrice Auerbach deeded the farm to the CT 4-H Development Fund in 1976. Founded in the early years of the twentieth century, Auerfarm had been honored many times as a model site that included 60 […]