animal nutrition

Ewe Nutrition Leads to Lamb Health

Lambing season rolls around every spring, and with it comes night lamb checks, fuzzy little faces bleating for mama, and hopefully, healthy ewes and lambs. But ensuring that those lambs and ewes are healthy at birth starts long before lambing occurs. Our research group focuses on how the ewe’s diet while she is pregnant affects […]

Connecticut Dairy Seminar

There is still time to register for this year’s Connecticut Dairy Conference, which will be held on March 20, 2019, at the Doubletree Hotel, Bradley.  We have a full day of presentations on timely topics. Our afternoon speakers and topics are included below in this update. In addition, we are offering a special opportunity for those […]

Livestock BCS Video Series

We have a new video series on Body Condition Scoring (BCS) for livestock. Our Tri-State SARE project produced videos for beef cattle, swine, sheep, and goats. You can view the entire series at: The Tri-State SARE project, Nutrition’s Role in Sustainable Livestock Production, focuses on animal nutrition as it relates to health and well-being of […]