Black History Month – Week 2

Image showing black leaders through US history. Title reads " Black History Month 2023: Black Resistance, a Journey to Equality"Image featuring Fannie Lou Hamer, a civil rights and food justice activist.

The theme for this week is Activism. Food activism can be seen in many aspects of African American History.


👉🏾When the Transatlantic Slave Trade started, captured Africans braided seeds and grains into their hair to bring their foods with them as a way of survival. Rice, okra, peanuts, benne, watermelon are some examples of seeds and grains that were hidden and brought from their native homeland.

👉🏾During the Jim Crow era, sit-ins were staged at restaurants that would not serve Black people.

👉🏾During the Civil Rights era, secret baking clubs raised money for fund protests; Black restaurants became meeting places for African American entertainers and leaders to plan protests

👉🏾During the 1960’s, Free Breakfast programs were first started by the Black Panthers to feed hungry children in their communities.


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Feb/2023 Written and created by: U. R. Taylor, MS, RDN, CDN  and Lindsey Brush


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