Substitutability of cash and in-kind benefit among the poor farming households in developing countries


PI: Shuresh Ghimire

The purpose of this study is to find the value of in-kind benefit respondent is willing to give up for less cash amount or vice-versa and identify the factors affecting the preference of cash vs in-kind benefit.

Funded by: UConn’s OVPR Research Excellence Program

This study expects to determine the degree of preference of cash to in-kind benefit among the farming households. Although misuse of the cash support is a very common problem among the households in developing countries, this study will identify the factors affecting the preference of cash vs in-kind benefits. The findings will assist government and nongovernment agencies in formulating policies based on the evidence. Given the intense debate of the effectiveness of in-kind and cash benefits, this project will contribute literature on this area of development economics. This study seeks the root cause of decisions which affect the success of the aid programs in developing countries which is currently lacking.