Teach Our Children PEP Graduation

The UConn Extension People Empowering People (PEP) program participants from Teach Our Children graduated on August 1st. Thirteen of the fifteen graduates were able to participate in the activities. One who recently arrived from China was unable to attend – she was in New York, and one parent from Sudan who has been in the country eight months with her husband and son was also unable to attend. It was so moving to hear the story of both participants.

The graduates had community “problems to solve” projects:

1. A Safe Routes to School initiative to get a sidewalk on Sherman Avenue and jumpstart new havens Safe Route 2 School Initiative (bus & child pedestrian safety). One of our graduates set up her project display at the graduation.
2. Student 2 Students afterschool support for kids needing academic help. We submitted this project to the City of New Haven 
3. A Back to School healthy food event.
One mother on our wait list for next PEP class shared a powerful poem “Unmask my brother” – she received a standing ovation. UConn Extension and Teach Our Children are excited to continue the PEP program.
skeia dickers powerful poem 8.1.2014 PEP community problems TOC Helen safe route
No child held back book TOC PEP graduation PEP graduation booklet