Meet Maggie Ng

Maggie Ng standing in a field with yellow flowers behind herMaggie Ng recently joined UConn Extension as an outreach assistant for our vegetable crops and hemp programs, based in our Vernon office. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts where her focus was on climate change in agriculture. Maggie conducted a year-long research project for her thesis, interviewing local farmers on climate change and how it impacted their operations.

What is your area of interest and how did you get started?

Coming from Los Angeles, I had never set foot on a farm before going to Hampshire. I started farming my first year at Hampshire College, did field work, and managed the CSA, among other responsibilities. I am interested in climate mitigation and adaptation because of working on an actual farm and seeing the issues firsthand. Farmers have a resiliency and totally innate flexibility and adaptability and those have encouraged me to keep going. I farmed until July 2022 when I joined the UMASS Extension team.

What will your role be with UConn Extension?

As an outreach assistant, I’ll be going on farm visits and conducting farmer outreach on vegetable crops and hemp. I’m contacting people in the state and setting up visits to address their concerns. I’m a resource for them while they’re working to achieve their goals. I’ll also be updating a lot of the materials that our programs have.

What excites you the most about working with UConn Extension?

I’m excited about being a resource and the opportunity to connect with farmers and build that community – making connections and being outside.

What is one thing you hope people will learn from you and your work?

My dream is for people to take away that climate change is happening, and it will affect them. I want to build relationships where farmers trust us, and we’re learning from them too. Extreme weather events are going to increase in frequency – heat, drought, floods, unseasonably cold temperatures – and the takeaway is that it’s happening and I’m a resource to help.

What is the most unusual job you’ve had?

Being a farmer in Los Angeles; we were based in the mountains of Malibu with livestock, vegetables, and flowers. It was gorgeous and felt like an oxymoron.

What are some of your hobbies and other interests?

I love to swim and find nature spots, especially during the summer. I’m excited to explore Connecticut. I’ve also recently started photography and restoring old cameras. I’m looking to build a community within and outside farming in Connecticut.