Cultural similarities among indigenous people of U.S. and Nepal

Cultural affinities are a bridge that maintains our connections, even when we might feel distinctly separate. While each Native community is unique regarding its own distinct culture, language, history, and unique way of life, indigenous people worldwide share some common values based on the understanding that their lives are part of nature and cannot be separated from nature. For example, costumes, musical instruments, pottery, and the houses of Nepali tribes appear similar to those of Native Americans. While peopling of the Americas is a debated topic, it is an accepted theory that ancestors of the Native Americans were nomadic hunters of northeast Asia who migrated over the Beringia Land Bridge (lowered sea levels during the last Ice Age exposed dry land between Asia and the Americas) into North America approximately 16,000 years ago. In this video, UConn Extension Educator, Dr. Shuresh Ghimire, shares cultural similarities between the indigenous people of the USA and Nepal.