National 4-H Annual Index Survey

National 4-H Annual Index Survey (Teen Responses Needed)

We are conducting a survey of youth 13-18 who were enrolled in UConn 4-H in 2021, to measure the impact of UConn 4-H on youth and we invite your 4-H’er to respond. This survey is also being replicated nationwide by 4-H programs in other states and is described in greater detail below.

If you would like your youth to contribute to the success of UConn 4-H, please allow your youth to respond to the National 4-H Annual Index Survey. By allowing your youth to complete and submit their survey response, you have given your permission for your youth to participate in the National 4-H Annual Index Survey. Your youth can withdraw from the survey at any time, without giving a reason and without cost. Please review the Youth Assent information below with your youth before beginning the survey.

If participating, please complete the following National 4-H Annual Index survey by April 30, 2023 .

4-H dance squad members pose in the grass