Black History Month Series: Faith

Black background with green yellow and red stripes, the title "black history" and the words "black history month 2023: faith" A photo of Harriet Tubman and description of her assisting enslaved people to freedom

The theme for this week is Faith.


The Black church has been a foundation of faith and resistance, as well as a spiritual center, place of worship, cultural and social center. Churches and other faith organizations also provided a safe haven for enslaved people, such as:

👉🏾Physical safety

👉🏾Food and clothing

👉🏾Encouragement, hope and faith

👉🏾Teaching and learning

👉🏾Place for organization

👉🏾One of the many sites for “underground railroads”,  a secret network for routes to freedom.


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📷Credit: (accessed 2.8.23)

Feb/2023 Written and created by: U. R. Taylor, MS, RDN, CDN and Lindsey Brush


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