Spotted Lanternfly on the Move in Connecticut

immature spotted lanternfly mature spotted lanternfly
The Spotted Lanternfly is on the move in Connecticut. In mid-August adults were confirmed in Norwich (New London County) and this week in two locations in New Milford (Litchfield County). These confirmed populations are in addition to the ones already known in Fairfield County (Greenwich, Stamford, New Canaan, Darian, Norwalk, Westport & Fairfield) and New Haven County (West Haven, Cheshire, Milford & Orange). Keep an eye for the adults and nymph at this time of the year.
If you see them, take a picture, then kill them. Report it online. Look on Tree of Heaven, a preferred host plant, as well as grapes, apple trees and stone fruit trees.
Update: Mary Concklin, Emeritus Extension Fruit Specialist
Photos: Lawrence Barringer, PA Dept of Agriculture