Buzzworthy News: Bug Week Approaches!

insect imageDo you think that creepy crawlers are cool? How about ones that fly? Are you fascinated with insects and want to learn more about them in a fun way? As the vegetable entomology extension intern, I am working closely with Dr. Ana Legrand to create exciting outreach content for the upcoming Bug Week event ranging from informative posters and infographics to video content of the insects we see in the field. I am starting this internship off virtually focusing more on the creation of graphics that detail processes and advantages of integrated pest management as well as insect identification. We plan to document the interesting insects that visit the field not only during the working, daylight hours, but also the nighttime, giving the world a grasp on the differences (and similarities) of the diversity of insects that visit a single ecosystem.
Bug week is a program designed around family participation and education, highlighting the importance of insects and their role in natural and human-made ecosystems and gives participants an opportunity to observe insects up close with the assistance of trained professionals. Last year, due to the ongoing pandemic, Bug Week was extended to Bug Month for the entirety of July, giving ample time to appreciate some awesome insects with a photo contest, fun facts, and activities both online and in person. This year’s line up will include crafts fun, family oriented crafts, recipes, and more that will be able to be accessed through the website. Be sure to keep your eyes open for buzz-worthy content for the 8th annual Bug Week!

Article by Reilly Stiefel

You can view all the upcoming Bug Week Programs, taking place the week of July 17th at