New England Greenhouse Floriculture Guide

poinsettias in a greenhouse
Photo: Stacey Stearns

New England greenhouse growers rely on the New England Greenhouse Floriculture Guide for its unbiased, detailed information. It includes insect and mite management, disease prevention and management, weed control, and plant growth regulation. The Guide is updated every two years. 

Dr. Rosa Raudales and Leanne Pundt were co-editors for the 2021-2022 version. Raudales led the effort to develop an online format for the Guide. She also provided overall editing and updated the section on plant growth regulators. Pundt edited the sections on IPM and insect biology, weeds, algae and liverworts and co-edited the section on disease management with Dr. Cheryl Smith, emeritus from the University of New Hampshire. 

The New England Floriculture, Inc., sponsor of the Northeast Greenhouse Conference, in collaboration with University Cooperative Extensions from New England States is proud to introduce the free online version of the New England Greenhouse Floriculture Guide: A Management Guide for Insects, Diseases, Weeds, and Growth Regulators. 

Article by Leanne Pundt