Celebrate Native American History with Recipes

November is Native American History month and our UConn Extension Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) recommends adding some Native American recipes to your menu. We have the Blueberry Slump and Three Sisters recipes in English and Spanish.

blueberry slump

In Native American folklore, blueberries are called “star berries’ because the blossom at the end of the blueberry make a perfect five pointed star. Blueberries along with leaves and roots were also used for healing purposes. They were dried in the sun and used for soups, stews and also rubbed onto meats to preserve them. Native Americans created a blueberry baked dessert called Saututhig (say ‘sawi-taw-teeg’), a simple pudding made with blueberries, cracked corn and water. Try this Blueberry Slump (cobbler) recipe, which may be related to the traditional Native American Saututhig. Download the recipe in English and Spanish.

Three Sisters meal

Do you know who “The Three Sisters” are? In Native American culture, corn, beans and squash are three inseparable sisters who grow and thrive together. The Three Sisters Garden is a Native American tradition of planting these crops to create the perfect biodiverse crop- preventing weeds and pests while enriching the soil and supporting each other. This recipe combines “Three Sisters” plus kale, cranberries, brown and wild rice to create a delicious and colorful dish! Download the recipe in English and Spanish.

By Umekia Taylor, MS, RD, CD-N, UConn EFNEP Program