Growing Vegetable and Herb Transplants

With the increased interest in local food production, more growers are producing vegetable and herb bedding plants and transplants. The following online resources have been updated to provide you with the latest, most up- to- date information with easy to read tables to help you find information quickly. 

Growing Vegetable Bedding Plants and Transplants

by Leanne Pundt, UConn Extension

lettuce transplants pepper transplants

Figure 1: Lettuce and Pepper transplants. Photos by L. Pundt

The vegetable bedding plant section of the New England Vegetable Guide that is online has recently been updated.  Please note that the field growing sections and the rest of the online document has not yet been updated.

This section includes up-to-date information on: 

  • Growing Media and Nutrition (including organic fertility)
  • Seeding and Transplanting
  • Plant Culture and Height Management
  • Disease Management
  • Insect and Mite Management
  • Scouting Guidelines and Biological Control Options
  • Fungicides and Bactericides Labeled for Vegetable Bedding Plants;
  •  Insecticides Labeled for Vegetable Transplants and Bedding Plants


Growing Herb Bedding Plants

rosemary plugs in greenhouse powdery mildew on rosemary plug

Figure 2: Rosemary plugs and those infected with Powdery Mildew Photos by L. Pundt 

Go to the UConn Greenhouse IPM Website:

Scouting Guidelines and Biological Control Options:

Some selected insecticides and miticides for use on herb bedding plants

 Some selected fungicides labeled for use on herb bedding plants

Photo Scouting Resources