Meet Klaudia Sowizral: Sustainable Turf and Landscaping Intern

Klaudia SowizralHi everyone! My name is Klaudia Sowizral and I’m the Sustainable Turf and Landscaping intern. I’m a rising junior here at UConn pursuing a double major in Environmental Science with a concentration in Sustainable Systems, as well as a major in Sustainable Plant and Soil Science, and a minor in creative writing. My interests include sustainable agriculture and development as well as invasive species control and conservation. I’m currently developing written means of communication on sustainable land practices and invasive plant control for land and turf managers in the state of Connecticut. I have a background working with invasive aquatic plants as well as sustainable land management. I play D1 for the UConn Women’s Volleyball team, and outside of school I love the arts and make plenty of pottery and ceramic art.