Family and Food Resources from UConn EFNEP

The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) helps families learn about healthy eating, shopping on a budget, cooking and physical activity. EFNEP staff strive to empower participants, providing knowledge and skills to improve the health of all family members. Participants learn through doing, with cooking, physical activity and supportive discussions about nutrition and healthy habits.

EFNEP classes will help you to prepare delicious, low-cost, healthy meals for you and your family! Contact the office near you for more information!

Olivia Knight and Yutin Zhao, our students, have been creating flyers and information related to keeping your family healthy and safe during the coronavirus pandemic. Resources below can be downloaded or printed by clicking on the image.

5 Things You Can Do To Avoid COVID-19 Scams

avoiding coronavirus scams flyer

Food Safety and COVID-19

food safety flyer

Food Shopping and COVID-19

food shopping flyer

Immune Boosting Nutrients

immune boosting nutrients

Coping with Stress

coping with stress flyer

Stress and COVID-19

stress and covid-19 flyer

Tips for Parents and Caregivers of Children During COVID-19

tips for parents and caregivers of children flyer

5 cosas que puede hacer para evitar las estafas COVID-19

avoiding coronavirus scams flyer in Spanish

Seguridad de Alimentos y COVID-19

food safety flyer in Spanish

Comprar Comestibles y COVID-19

food shopping flyer spanish

Nutrientes Immunoestimulantes

immune boosting nutrients flyer

Lidiar con el Estres

coping with stress in Spanish flyer

Estres Y COVID-19

stress and COVID-19 in Spanish flyer

Recommended Cleaning Agents to Kill Coronavirus in Your Home

cleaning agents to kill coronavirus in your home