Department of Agriculture Soliciting Wholesale Product Availability

Dept of Ag logoThe Connecticut Department of Agriculture is soliciting farmers to identify product availability from May through December 2020 in response to the demand for accessible local food in light of COVID-19. This information may be used to facilitate the Farmer to Families Foodbox Program, wholesale supply chains, and other COVID-19 response efforts.

As Connecticut addresses the challenges of food systems during COVID-19, consumers have recognized the value of the local food system and are regularly choosing locally grown items for their families. To amplify that effort, we are exploring avenues to more easily connect local producers to consumers within their communities.

Through the attached survey, the Department is working to determine the potential production capacity of producers for the current growing season. Please consider your crop quantities through the end of the year and any additional resources you may need, i.e. assistance getting your product to the distribution site, additional marketing assistance, etc.

Please take the survey. Thank you for your participation.