New Guidance on Essential Employee Safety

New Guidance from State on Essential Employee Safety

man carrying bag of corn off of a trailerJust released guidance from State of Connecticut on health recommendations for essential employees. In addition to already widely available social distancing and sanitary recommendations, highlights are as follows:

  • Control and monitor external visitors on work site
  • Discourage carpooling
  • Increase physical space between employees and customers (drive throughs, plexiglass partitions at check out, etc.)
  • Deliver products curbside or provide home delivery
  • Spread out multiple shifts/schedules or increase number of shifts to promote social distancing
  • Stagger meal & break times, adjust start/stop times to minimize congregating at time clock or break areas
  • Provide time between shifts and/or prior to shift to allow for sanitizing of work environment and tools
  • Increase ventilation and percentage of outdoor air in indoor work areas
  • Where possible segment work area into zones to discourage staff from entering areas unnecessarily
  • Provide disposable disinfecting wipes for commonly used surfaces (doorknobs, keyboards, etc.)
  • Prohibit sharing of tools where possible
  • Shared tools and equipment should be cleaned and disinfected before and after use
  • If an employee is suspected sick or confirmed to have COVID-19, follow CDC cleaning and disinfection guidelines
  • Employees with no access to soap and water should have access to hand sanitizer

Read the recommendations in their entirety CT Guidance on Essential Employee Safety