Environmental Leadership Award Winners

Dave Dickson and Mike Dietz with their Environmental Leadership Awards.

The UConn Environmental Policy Advisory Council recently awarded their 2013-2016 Environmental Leadership Awards, and we are pleased to announce that UConn Extension educators were recognized.

The NEMO Rain Garden Outreach Team, consisting of Dave Dickson and Mike Dietz won the Team Award. Mike Dietz also won the Alumni award.

Luc Dang, a former intern with our Center for Land Use Education and Research was a runner up in the undergraduate category.

Jeremy Jelliffe, a graduate student with Extension Educator Boris Bravo-Ureta was a runner up in the graduate category.

Extension Educator Morty Ortega was a runner up in the faculty category.

Cameron Faustman and Jillian Ives from Academic Programs received a special recognition for their Huskies Ending Food Waste program. Congratulations to all of our award winners!