October Classes with CLIR

CLIR group

Our Center for Learning In Retirement (CLIR) is offering several interesting classes for October (all held in Vernon Cottage on the UConn Depot campus):

Memoir Club:  Thursdays,   10:15 – 11:45

The Unknown Kennedy (concerning the JFK assassination)                Tuesdays, October 11 and 18     1:15-2:45

Art and Science:  Are They the Same?                                                        Friday, October 14        1:15-2:45

The Israel-Palestine Conflict:  A Dissenting View                                   Thursday, October 20   1:15-2:45

Vampire Folk Belief in Historic New England                                          Tuesday, October 25     1:15-2:45

Will It Be “A Day That Shall Live in Infamy”?  (Election Day 2016)      Thursday, October 27   1:15-2:45

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