2016 UConn Master Composter Program

soil in handBecome a UConn Master Composter! The purpose of the Master Composter Program is to provide local compost enthusiasts with the tools and information necessary to educate and teach interested community members about composting and reducing the amount of solid waste sent to the state’s incinerators and landfills. Participants would attend classroom sessions at Auer Farm in Bloomfield. Two Saturday field trips will also be scheduled, with one being mandatory Classes begin Tuesday, October 4th and will be held on 2 Tuesday and Thursday nights at Auerfarm plus on Worm Day which is held at the UConn Torrington Campus on Saturday October 15th. The dates and locations of the field trips will be announced shortly on the website.

A Master Composter Certificate is awarded to those who have attended all program sessions, demonstrated a solid understanding of composting principles and practices, and engaged in a minimum of two outreach activities. Program fee is $100 payable to University of Connecticut. Enrollment will be limited to 24 participants. Visit www.ladybug.uconn.edu for more information or call (860) 486-4274.