Enfield & Worcester PEP Graduations

Congratulations to our People Empowering People (PEP) graduates from Enfield and Worcester. Both classes graduated in early May. At the Enfield graduation, the mayor was there, and the Police Department as they are working alongside the PEP program in a project. For the project, police and PEP graduates exchange phone numbers and when an emergency happens and the person do not speak English, they call the PEP citizens and they help with translations. Also, between the Police Department and the PEP graduates they are trying to show the community that there will be no discrimination allowed in their Department and that they are here to help. It was a great graduation and fantastic projects that they have. As a side note, the cake was made of jello!

PEP Enfield8       PEP Enfield

Worcester Graduation Photos:

Worcester PEP11        Wocester PEP2