Build a Rain Garden

raingarden app smartphone Hartford rain garden

Want to build a beautiful garden that also helps to protect local waterways? Let the NEMO Rain Garden App show you how.

Spring means the urge to create gardens.  Spring also means rain and polluted runoff flowing into the street, down the storm drain, and into the local brook or wetland.  Why not solve both problems in one fell swoop, and build a “rain garden” that helps to soak in the runoff from your roof, driveway or patio?

CLEAR’s NEMO Program has aFREE smart phone app with all the information you need, including sections on locating, sizing, building and planting your rain garden.  It’s available for both iOS and Android systems, and takes no time at all to download.  The iOS version includes CT plus 12 other states (!?)

PS: No smart phone?  No problem.  All the same information and tools are on the NEMO Rain Garden website.