Greenhouse Vegetable Workshop

UConn Extension hosted a workshop on December 16th on Growing Container Grown Greenhouse Vegetables. Over 65 attendees listened to five University speakers and two farmers share their insights on greenhouse vegetables.


Bruce Gresczyk, Jr. from Gresczyk Farms in New Hartford, CT discussing his production of greenhouse vegetables (kale, swiss chard, mizuna and other specialty greens on the bench top and hydroponic lettuce.
Ben March from March Farms in Bethlehem, CT explaining his greenhouse tomato production to the attendees.
UConn Extension’s Diane Hirsch discussing food safety for greenhouse vegetables.
Speakers Ben Campbell of UConn’s Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Jude Boucher of UConn Extension.
Ben Campbell discusses how Connecticut grown labeling catches customer attention and impacts decision making.
Dr. Yonghao Li discussing diseases of Greenhouse vegetables at the Dec 16th meeting.
Dr. Rich McAvoy, Head of UConn’s Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture speaking on Growing Greenhouse Tomatoes and Cucumbers in Soilless Media.
Brian Krug from University of New Hampshire, discussing Growing Greens in Greenhouses at the Dec 16th meeting.
Over 65 attendees attended the workshop on growing container grown greenhouse vegetables.