Trees Rock

ribbon cutting
Ribbon cutting at the weather station

The town of Hamden was a recipient of a weather station available through a partnership with UConn Extension, as part of a pilot program that UConn is developing for school grounds managers. Middle school science teachers were excited to hear about the weather station and asked if they would be able to access the weather station and use the weather station to support some of their educational curriculum plans for the middle school students. So, Hamden Public Works Department and the Hamden School Department agreed to enter into a partnership to support this request to develop an outdoor educational classroom. About the same time the weather station was coming online for them, the students and faculty at the Middle school entered a contest by submitting a video that was sponsored by Scott Paper Towels, in the hope that they might be awarded an educational grant to further the development of their educational outdoor classroom. In Mid-November, they held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the weather station and showcased their submitted video as well. Administration from the school department and town of Hamden, and UConn Extension, were present for the event.

Hamden Middle School has been selected as one of ten finalists in the “Scotties Trees Rock!” national video contest. Now the students and faculty need the help of as many people, to visit the website, register to vote, and help them win $10,000 for their outdoor classroom. Trees Rock!
Vickie-weather station
The weather station