Invasive Worm Survey

We Need Your Help – Take Our Invasive Worm Survey


snakewormSome of you may be aware of the problems our forest ecosystems, and in some cases our gardens, are experiencing due to the arrival of the invasive earthworm species, Amynthas, also known at the crazy snake worm or Alabama jumper. Here is a link to a fact sheet on them written by Dr. Josef Gorres of the University of Vermont.


Dr. Gorres and I would like your help is assessing the degree to which this species has taken up residence in our state. To gauge their distribution, we are asking that anyone interested take this brief survey.


You are welcome to forward this survey to anyone else that might be interested in helping us with our documentation efforts. A summation of your replies will be put on the soil lab’s website, when the results are tabulated. If you want to be individually contacted, you can include your contact information.


If you have questions you can contact: Thank you!