UConn Extension Receives Farmland Preservation Pathfinder Award

Dean Weidemann accepting the Pathfinder Award on behalf of the Agriculture Team with Kip Kolesinskas of Working Lands Alliance. Photo: Lisa Bassani.

The UConn Extension Agriculture Team was the recipient of the Farmland Preservation Pathfinder Education Leader Award at the Working Lands Alliancee Annual Meeting on Tuesday, November 18th at the State Capitol in Hartford. The award recognizes significant contributions in the area of educating the public about the importance of farmland preservation.


UConn Extension connects the power of UConn research to real life for Connecticut communities, citizens and businesses. Our programs create practical, science-based tools and technologies to help solve complex problems. Extension provides outreach, knowledge and expertise to the public in areas such as: economic viability, business and industry, community development, agriculture and natural resources. Through the work of our Agriculture team, UConn Extension has advanced farmland preservation in Connecticut by assisting farmers with economic viability, leadership in the agriculture field, advocacy for agriculture, planning and educational programs. Without economically viable businesses, it would be impossible for farmers in Connecticut to remain in business. UConn Extension Agriculture team programs give farmers the tools they need to enhance their agricultural businesses, playing a direct role in the success of the industry and farmland preservation. Farmers we work with include those who have already preserved their farmland and those considering it as an option.


UConn Extension’s Bonnie Burr, Mike O’Neill and Jiff Martin with Dean Weidemann. Photo: Lisa Bassani.

Agriculture team members serve the efforts of farmland preservation in a variety of methods. Programs include: Scaling Up for Beginning Farmers, Farmland ConneCTions, Buy 10% Local, Connecticut Food System Alliance, Agriculture Risk Management, Crop Insurance, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Food Safety, Agriculture Nutrient Management and more.


Through our team approach to agriculture outreach and education, UConn Extension has created a vibrant network of professionals to meet the needs of our state’s versatile agricultural industry. For the past 100 years, UConn Extension has been tying research to real life for Connecticut farmers and agricultural producers. Our efforts have had a direct impact on farm viability and preservation in Connecticut and we look forward to our next century of tying research to real life.