A Nutrition Book for Teens

Fueling_the_Teen_4d9a303b9f491-e1394717732689This unique 256-page paperback is the teen’s ultimate guide to navigating the world of nutrition and health.

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it’s often easier to just go the fast food route. But this book will help parents and teens alike to make smart choices and reflect on the way they eat by giving them the knowledge needed to make healthy choices with their diets and eating habits. This read will give you a helpful overview utilizing facts and the latest information on a wide range of food topics needed for a healthy lifestyle.

This book shows teenagers how to keep their bodies healthy, strong and happy. It’s loaded with valuable information on eating disorders, vitamins, carbohydrates, nutrition statistics and what it takes to make good choices for yourself every day!

Written by two registered dietitians from the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, this 2nd edition has expanded sections on portion distortion, fitness for health and how to read food labels. Also included are new recipes for meals that teens can cook themselves, using meal-planning ideas for vegetarians and vegans as well. Within its pages you will find weight management tips, sports nutrition facts, and facts on fast food.

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