Water Conservation Tips

Source: UConn

Photo: Illinois Extension

Illinois faucetAs we experience seasonally dry conditions, conserving water is important to maintain an environmentally sustainable water supply. You can help by conserving water voluntarily at home. Please consider the following:

  • Taking shorter showers;
  • Running dishwashers and clothes washing machines with full loads;
  • Shutting off water while washing dishes, shaving, brushing teeth, and lathering up to wash hands, rather than running the water continuously;
  • Avoiding vehicle washing or power-washing homes and other buildings;
  • Not using water to clean sidewalks, driveways, or roads;
  • Reducing, to the extent possible, the watering of lawns, recreational, and athletic fields, gardens, or other landscaped areas (if watering is essential, late-evening hours are best);
  • Not using public water to fill residential swimming pools.