Online Learning for Fruit Growers

UConn Extension Fruit Production and IPM Extension Educator Mary Concklin encourages growers to do some online learning this winter:

The winter months provide many learning opportunities for fruit growers with the CT Pomological Society educational program and the New England Vegetable & Fruit Conference in December, the UConn Vegetable and Small Fruit Conference in January as well as many out-of-state and out-of-region conferences well worth attending.
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There are also ways to learn on-line that do not take up a great deal of your time. UMass Extension has developed tree fruit pruning videos available free. They are
·         ‘Pruning tall spindle trees’ videos available at Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on any one of them.
·         ‘Pruning central leader trees’ is available at
·         ‘Apple training techniques’ is available at
UMaine Extension has produced apple, berry and grape training videos that are available on-line, all at . Scroll down the lengthy list and you are bound to find some that you will find very helpful.
These are just a few of ways to learn something new as well as to refresh your memory, many while staying warm in the comfort of your favorite reclining chair.