4-H Mentor Memos

Fairfield County 4-H offers the following recommendations to adults who mentor youth.

4-H clover2What are ways we can capture that spark that leads to a successful future?

Mentoring adults need to take this information and capture a way to spark the teens we lead, to engage them in something they enjoy and want to learn about. Youth engagement is an important component to making our youth successful. We want them to have stable families and be future leaders of their communities and their country.

  • Take youth to a ball game. Play catch with him. Help him find a team to play on.
  • Plant a small vegetable garden. Cook recipes with your fruit. Shop together to buy other needed ingredients.
  • Visit a zoo. Ask for a private tour. Take pictures of your favorite animal.
  • Find an art center. Paint pottery. Be creative.
  • Visit a business. One that your teen has expressed interest in. Have her shadow a person.

These are just a few suggestions. See their spark and explore it, encourage it, and foster it.

“Teens play a unique and important role in shaping the world in which we live, and it’s critical that we foster opportunities to make their voices heard and improve their chances for success. “ Brian Dunn, CEO, Best Buy Co., Inc.