8 More Tips for the September Gardener

garden grass

1. Now is the time to de-thatch and aerate lawns to promote root growth if necessary.

2. Remove and compost spent annuals and fallen leaves.

3. If frost threatens, bring houseplants indoors. Keep in mind that Sept. 16- 22 is National Indoor Plant Week!

4. Pot up or propagate herbs to bring indoors for winter use.

5. Continue to turn and moisten compost piles to speed decomposition.

6. Plant peonies now, but make sure the crowns are buried only one and a half to two inches below ground level. Planting them deeper than two inches may keep them from blooming.

7. If pesky seedlings of woody plants, such as maple, elm or hackberry are found growing in your yard, remove them as soon as possible so they won’t take over gardens and other landscape plantings.

8. September is a great time to seed or overseed lawns.