State Sees High Level of Beach Erosion After Powerful Storms

beach erosion


The Connecticut shoreline is eroding at rates not seen in our lifetime, and the devastation was sped up by powerful storms like Irene and Sandy.

In some spots, five years of erosion was accomplished in just three months, and for the first time, Channel 3 Eyewitness News is showing you the dramatic transformation up close.

Beach season is now upon us and the rebuilding process is going strong in Old Lyme. Many beachfront homes got walloped from Irene and then a year later by Sandy.

“Changes are going on, especially along the Connecticut shore,” said beachfront homeowner Catherine Roth.

It’s a statement we’ve heard before and probably sensed. But not many know exactly how much land these storms stole from our state.

“There are some areas in Connecticut where it’s been up to 400 to 500 feet. Some areas 600 feet,” said University of Connecticut researcher Joel Stocker.

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