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Spring 2021

In a time of extraordinary circumstances, UConn has adapted by seeking new opportunities and new ways to keep UConn Nation connected in a socially distant world. Through all the change and uncertainty, there has been one constant—our commitment to providing an exceptional education to our program participants. During this year’s UConn Gives, a 36-hour giving initiative, you can celebrate this commitment to excellence through giving. We invite you to join us on Tuesday, March 23rd and Wednesday, March 24th in supporting one or more of our initiatives:

Extension programs cover the full spectrum of topics aligned with CAHNR’s strategic initiatives:

  • Ensuring a vibrant and sustainable agricultural industry and food supply
  • Enhancing health and well-being locally, nationally, and globally
  • Advancing adaptation and resilience in a changing climate
  • Designing sustainable landscapes across urban-rural interfaces

Our educators faced the unprecedented challenges of 2020 and pivoted programs to offer life transformative education despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Programs delivered by Extension reach individuals, communities, and businesses in each of the 169 municipalities across the state.

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Rising to the Challenge

Our educators faced the unprecedented challenges of 2020 and pivoted programs to offer life transformative education. Programming moved to virtual environments through online certificate programs, virtual field days, podcasts, WebEx meetings, and YouTube videos. Our educators created and released 318 new videos on YouTube in 2020. These videos reached 305,200 people and had 39,501 viewers that watched 1,200 hours of Extension instruction.

We are here to serve you. Learn more.



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Connecticut Zoning Atlas Makes the Case for Zoning Reform

Citizens of Connecticut’s 169 municipalities probably don’t spend a lot of time considering the zoning laws that determine what can be built and where. A statewide team including UConn researchers hopes to change that. Read more.

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Connecting Connecticut Podcast

Connecting Connecticut is our new podcast that explores the programs and resources we offer through the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources. Extension is an organization for everyone here in Connecticut. Whether we live in a town with 1,000 or 100,000 people the programs UConn Extension provides are impactful and beneficial. Listen to the podcast.

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Virtual Extension Programs

Recorded webinars and video lessons are available on-demand from our programs in agriculture, food, climate, health, and sustainable landscapes. Extension educators are ready to work with you and identify solutions for the challenges you face. View our programs.


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